Łukasiewicz Research Network – Upper Silesian Institute of Technology


Research, Expertise, Implementation of Technology, Rapid prototyping, Challenges and the future for industry


Łukasiewicz Research Network – Upper Silesian Institute of Technology provides scientific and research, consulting and training services for steel producers, users of steel products and institutions related to the iron and steel industry. It conducts advanced research in the area of smart mobility, aerospace and additive technologies (3D printing). A particularly supported field by the institute are hydrogen technologies, which include research into the use of hydrogen in metallurgical processes. The institute is expanding its research capabilities for the energy industry through the implementation of non-destructive testing (NDT). It develops expertise in welding and supporting domestic industry by providing superior services in metal and thermoplastic joining and thermal cutting and related methods to ensure high quality and competitiveness of welded products at home and in foreign markets. It develops new and upgrades existing methods for the design, construction and testing of electrical machines. The results of this work are used in the design and construction of new series and varieties of machines with the highest technical and operational parameters matching and often exceeding those of leading European and world companies.


ul. Karola Miarki 12-14
44-100 Gliwice