About Silesia Smart Systems

SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS is a platform for cooperation between business support organizations, scientific units and universities, focusing on supporting industrial enterprises in the processes of digital transformation.

SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS supports industrial enterprises that want to carry out a digital transformation using Industry 4.0 technologies or consider changing the business model and implementing intelligent products using digital technologies.

Main areas of SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS specialization are:

  • Automation and robotics (Computer Integrated Manufacturing),
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Additive technologies and new materials for 3D printing,
  • One-stop-shop - horizontal „soft measures”, including training and consulting, which prepare companies for the digital transformation process.

If you would like more information on the role of digital technologies in your daily business or cooperation with SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS specialists, please contact our one-stop-shop - customer service office.

SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS applies a practical approach and adjusts its services to the specific needs of customers. Thanks to cooperation with suppliers and integrators, customers can easily get to know potential partners with whom they can cooperate at the stage of implementing the digital transformation process.

SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS provides support in the form of:

  • providing demonstrators ("test before invest") for simulation, testing and verification of potential solutions before applying them in your own enterprise,
  • performing audits of business processes and models, and then conducting workshops aimed at developing action plans for the digital transformation process,
  • consultancy on the preparation of a digital transformation strategy, taking into account the business model of a company based on the creation of product-based services ("servitisation"),
  • consultancy and intermediation in the field of financial assembly for research and development projects with the participation of enterprises, research units, technology suppliers or integrators,
  • consulting and intermediation in the field of financial engineering for the commercialization and scaling of start-up solutions and other technology companies operating in the above-mentioned areas of specialization, basic training related to the provision of information and examples (good practices) on carrying out digital transformation, with particular attention to the above-mentioned areas of specialization,
  • specialist training courses related to the implementation of a specific digital transformation process in a given enterprise in cooperation with technology providers and integrators,
  • intermediation in establishing contacts and cooperation with technology suppliers and integrators in the development,
  • testing and implementation of new solutions (integrattion activities).