Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd.


Our services facilitate growth and entrepreneurship


Our mission is to provide modern services promoting innovative solutions and involvement in major infrastructural investments. This contributes to the development of the region's economy and the stimulation of entrepreneurship, which, as a consequence, translates into a positive change of the image of the entire region.

Under Silesia Smart System GAPR runs:

  • MedicaSilesia 4.0 - robotic device technologies - training, consulting, cooperation with technology providers and integrators in the development, testing and implementation of new solutions, assistance in the development of digital transformation strategies, support in the design of medical devices with CAD/CAM methods and using AI and VR,
  • APP - Automated Prepreg Placement - automated and robotic manufacturing line for modern composite structures.
  • Training, workshops, consultancy on digital transformation, financial assembly for commercialization.

ul. Wincentego Pola 16
44-100 Gliwice