Demonstration and advice on the use of AI in detecting component defects


The service involves the development of a solution using artificial intelligence methods for automatic inspection/detection of defects (e.g. micro-cracks) occurring in components during thermal and mechanical treatment processes in a company

Service delivery phases

  • Identification and classification of the defects
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the current way of defect detection
  • Proposal and evaluation of methods of using artificial intelligence for defect detection
  • Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the current method of defect detection vs the proposed solution using artificial intelligence methods


As a result of the service, the client will receive a study in the form of a report on the application of AI methods in research on defect detection in components.

During the implementation of the study, consultations will be held with the scientific team on the application of artificial intelligence in production processes (e.g. maintenance of machinery, monitoring of the production process), with the possibility of applying the proposed solutions also in other areas.