Go digital – demonstration workshops


The service aims at presenting the company with specific examples of implementing digital solutions. After the demonstration part, on the basis of KSSE's own presentations or/and presentations of suppliers and integrators of Industry 4.0 solutions, workshops will be dedicated to selected topics.

Service delivery phases

  • Getting to know the customer profile and adapting the content of the training blocks to the specifics of the customer's organisation (sector, main business areas and processes in the customer's organisation)
  • Demonstration presentations
  • Workshops
  • Preparation and delivery of report and discussing it with the company's management


The service focuses not merely on technologies, but on the company, its priorities, its organisational model and its operation model.

As a result of the service, the company receives a report with information on possible action scenarios and information on Silesia Smart Systems' service portfolio, to be considered in the next stages of the procedure.