Advice on selection of AI, VR, robotics solutions in medtech enterprises


The service aims to identify and support a company in developing an idea for a product/service or to support the development of an existing product/service in the area of medical devices, using AI and VR technologies, as well as opportunities offered by the optimization of production processes or the use of robots.
The service addresses the challenges associated with the need to implement new features and functionalities for medical devices.
The support is provided in the form of consulting, advisory, design, and participation in demonstrations.

Service is divided into two modules:

Service delivery phases

Practical presentation of the opportunities arising from automation and autonomization in the area of medical applications, with particular emphasis on the area of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, including:

  • DEMO MODULE: demo demonstrations of opportunities related to the simulation of the production optimization process, especially for the medtech area, including practical applications of selected technologies;
  • ADVISORY MODULE: audit of manufacturing processes and business models;
  • ADVISORY-WORKING MODULE: workshops on building a business model; digital transformation scenarios including the possibility of implementing solutions in the field of autonomization and robotization;
  • ADVISORY MODULE: consultancy and support in designing a medical device with the use of CAD/CAM methods, AI and VR;
  • CONSULTANCY MODULE: summary of the service, providing the final report to the client.


  • Hands-on exploration of the opportunities of using AI and VR prototyping techniques, and the creative product innovation development method.
  • Knowledge about AI and VR prototyping techniques, and the creative development method for product innovations.
  • Technical documentation and test results of the prototype.
  • Proposal of a new business model.
  • Report containing information regarding proposed technologies for manufacturing the desired product.