Demonstration of 3D printing solutions in rapid prototyping as a means to optimise innovation processes in the enterprise


The service is designed to identify the idea for a product/service or prototype using 3D printing techniques. The service provides support for the company in the form of consulting, advisory services and design.

The service addresses the challenges related to the need to implement new products with specific properties and functionalities, for which prototyping, testing and implementation, according to traditional methods, would take too long and would fail to meet customers' price expectations.

Service delivery phases

  • Audit of company capabilities and competence gaps in the area of product innovation generation;
  • Optional: training to fill the competence gaps with knowledge and skills in creativity and innovation management;
  • Creative workshop in the field of design thinking (or the same method) for proper visualization of the product against the needs and expectations of target group of recipients/users;
  • Designing a spatial model;
  • Physical properties analysis;
  • Building a prototype;
  • Consulting and advising in terms of a possible technology of producing elements;
  • Preparation of technical documentation for the prototype;
  • Testing of durability, ergonomics, design;
  • Summarising the service, providing a final report.


  • Hands-on experience of the advantages of 3D printing techniques and creative product innovation development methods;
  • Knowledge acquired by employees participating in the workshop and training;
  • Ready and operating 3D printed prototype, technical documentation, prototype test results;
  • Final report including: spatial model of product planned for production, technical documentation of prototype, proposed technologies for manufacturing the final product at the production stage.