Demonstration of the 3D manufacturing process (using welding technologies) of elements with a wide range of dimensions and shapes


The service focuses on demonstrating the potential of 3D printing parts made of technical metal alloys, using welding equipment.

The service aims to demonstrate arc technologies, using universal arc welding equipment and robotic workstations, as well as high-energy laser (CO2 and YAG) and electron devices.

The service includes the manufacture of sample components, as well as testing in terms of detecting defects (inconsistencies) in materials and mechanical properties. The deposition process can use materials in the form of solid wire, powder wire, as well as powder. The manufacture of demonstrative components includes the possibility of using both steel and non-ferrous alloys with a precisely defined chemical composition.

The service recipient will be provided with comprehensive information on the possibility of 3D printing solid materials using the chosen technology, which will allow him to better understand the potential of the process and adapt it to his own needs.

Service delivery phases

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