Demonstration of an analytical platform (AI) dedicated to the implementation of predictive diagnostics of machines and devices and specific advisory support


The service includes:

  1. Advice on building high-performance system architectures for data processing and analysis (including streaming), focused on specific application areas in industry. The service showcases current open source solutions for building advanced analytical systems that are proven and ready for practical implementation.
  2. Demonstration of a sample and working analytical platform, specifically tailored to perform the tasks of predictive diagnostics of machinery and equipment, as well as process monitoring. In addition, all elements of the process of implementing and maintaining the reliability of the system are discussed in detail.
  3. Analysis of specific user requirements and presentation of a proposal for the selection of a solution (system architecture, components) adequate to the problem faced by the service recipient. As part of the service, the AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) system demonstrator will be tailored to the maximum extent possible to the customer's problem each time, and solution scenarios will be tested during the workshop.

Service delivery phases

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Contact us for more details.