Simulation and advice in the field of biomechanics of the mandible, implants and prostheses with the aim to apply digital and 3D printing solutions in dental surgery


A service focused on the implementation and/or analysis and improvement of existing ones through consultation, consultancy, simulation studies, design. The range of services is the comprehensive development of a solution concept or simulation studies according to a commissioned concept carried out through further activities or selected by the client:

  • concept consultancy, product development in the field of broadly understood dental engineering and maxillofacial surgery, both construction products as well as support in the implementation of innovative dental and surgical treatment services
  • development of research methods needed at the implementation stage
  • development of implementation technologies
  • simulation studies of numerical system and laboratory models, design optimisation
  • implementation of prototypes and functionality analysis
  • research on the current state of the art
  • development of a report in the form of a comparative evaluation against other known solutions


Service delivery phases

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Contact us for more details.