Digital twins of medical devices and /or implants and analysis of possible solutions and virtual prototyping


Artificial intelligence in the field of medical diagnostics and medical devices

The Digital Twin model of medical device and/or implant will be developed to simulate its operation in the virtual environment mimicking the real (in vivo) conditions. The numerical models implemented in the Digital Twin will be validated against measurements performed using physical models in Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. The validated digital twin model will then be used to test various possible prototypes and their operating conditions. Service could e.g. include adaptation and customisation of various technologies and products, testing and experimentation with digital twin technologies.

Service delivery phases

  • Analysis and identification of the customer needs,
  • Proposal of Digital twin application that fits customer needs,
  • Generation of Digital Twin numerical model,
  • Performing the lab measurements of crucial model parameters,
  • Validation of the generated Digital Twin model against measurement data,
  • Analysis of the selected design/geometry of the medical device/ implant


The customer will be provided with the Digital Twin model of his/her product. Such Digital Twin can then be used to virtually test new designs, select optimal solutions as well as be a part of clinical trials being the requirement of the regulatory bodies. Further simulations (commercial service) could be performed as well in future.