Diagnostic tests using large-scale molecular data and artificial intelligence methods


Artificial intelligence in the field of medical diagnostics and medical devices

The service includes the creation of customised tools for diagnostics and therapy planning using data of various origins. The latest techniques and methods tailored to a specific problem will be used to build the system.  

Service delivery phases

  • Collection of information and preparation of data for analysis
  • Construction of the classifier, in particular selection of relevant features and building the classification
  • Validation of the classifier and determination of model parameters based on classification quality indicators
  • Building applications for classification in a biomedical environment


As a result of the service, the client will receive a technology prototype and domain knowledge support in the process of carrying out the technology transfer.

The client will be able to undertake the following activities as part of the digital transformation process in the company:

Supporting the diagnostic process, in terms of analyzing data obtained with high throughput techniques, and using artificial intelligence methods

Preparation of reports on the quality of analysed samples