Demonstration and advice on the use of AI for intelligent indoor climate control and energy savings


The service evaluates the implementation of intelligent control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation of commercial premises based on the presence and number of occupants and their daily routine.

Service delivery phases

  • Taking inventory of rooms, HVAC systems and daily routines of occupants
  • Preparation of 3D numerical models of rooms including HVAC systems and sources of heat, humidity and CO2 in the form of occupants and the nature of their activities
  • Numerical simulations of temperature field, humidity and CO2 content in the room
  • Selection, on the basis of the performed calculations, of the heat stream for heating and the stream of exchanged air


Providing Client's customers and employees with the proper comfort conditions through proper temperature, humidity and air exchange levels. In some rooms there is a need for very high air exchange rates, which usually requires large amounts of energy to prepare the air in the room. This, in particular, is a problem in facilities where large quantities of chemicals are generated (e.g. paint shops), doctor's surgeries or fitness halls.