Advice on the application of AI decision support systems in investment and scaling projects


The service involves the development of a prototype solution for pre-investment project evaluation using artificial intelligence methods.

Service delivery phases

  • Identification of quantitative and qualitative data of similar solutions applied in the scope of the project
  • Analysis and evaluation of constraints and criteria: technical and economic for the implemented project
  • Assessment of the completeness and reliability of the acquired data sets using artificial intelligence methods
  • Assessment of the sensitivity of artificial intelligence methods used
  • Supporting decision making in project evaluation with the use of selected models and artificial intelligence methods


Client receives a study in the form of the report on the application of AI methods for the purpose of decision support in effective pre-investment evaluation of a project.
Client will be able to undertake the following activities as part of the digital transformation process in the company: designing new solutions using artificial intelligence; forecasting on the basis of collected data; searching for new areas where the use of artificial intelligence will be effective in business terms.